Rules & Etiquette


Rules of Etiquette

To preserve the tradition of the game of golf, players should also practice good golf etiquette before, during and after their round of golf; your behaviour will have an effect on everyone around you:


No Mulligan


Hand Trollies are not permitted on tees, bunkers, aprons or greens


Repair all divots


Repair your own pitch mark and one other


Rake all bunkers correctly


Keep golf buggies within the Buggy Paths - Strictly 2 persons/2 bags per Buggy


Speed of Play is of great importance, so players must keep up with the players in front. Slow Play affects everyone playing behind you. A conscious effort to play your round in no more than 4 hours and 20 minutes will make the game of golf at Santana Golf more enjoyable for everyone.

Appropriate golf attire



Shirt with collars and sleeves
Tailored knee-length Shorts
Short socks
Golf shoes with soft spikes only


Ladies sensible dress attire

Trainers, tennis shoes, rubbed dimpled, ordinary casual shoes and/or jeans are not permitted on the golf course.

The staff at Santana Golf & Country Club wish to thank you for your efforts in keeping and improving the integrity of the game and its Rules