Weather Protocol

Weather Protocol

Unsettled Weather Conditions

In the event of adverse weather conditions, including but not limited to rain, wind or fog; with uncertain predictions, and providing that the course condition is acceptable for play, the Management may offer the players the option of playing, and will be announced on the notice board at the Club House and the web site:   

Should the player decide not to play and inform the Caddie Master, he or she will not be subject of charge.

Should the customer decide to play, however leave the course later on,  the following "Rain Check" protocol will come into effect:

-    if played minimum one hole, the customer will be entitled to a 9 Holes rain check voucher

-    if played minimum ten holes, the customer will not be entitled to any compensation

Rain check vouchers will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issue



During the Winter months, it can be very cold at night on the Costa del Sol, and this can cause morning frost. Walking on frost-covered grass causes the plant to break and cell walls to rupture, thereby loosing its ability to function normally, causing irreparable damage to the playing surfaces of the course.

In the event that frost is evident, the Management will delay play until the temperature has risen and therefore minimize the risk of damage to the grass.

If golfers miss their tee-time as a result of the course being closed due to frost, reasonable endeavours will be made to re-schedule either later that day or the following day, always depending on availability. If golfers’ tee-times cannot be re-scheduled, a refund will be offered.