The Architect

Cabell B Robinson was born October 12 1941 in Washington DC and grew up in the suburbs of Maryland. He attended the Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia, graduating in 1959. He attended Princeston University, graduating in 1963 with a spent at Hardvard University´s Graduate School of Design, studying landscape architecture. Subsequently, he attended the University of California at Berkeley for three years, receiving his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree in 1967.


During his years at Harvard, he met Rees Jones, son of Robert Trent Jones. A close friendship developed which resulted in summertime employment at the Trent Jones office in Montclair, New Jersey. Upon finishing his studies at Berkeley Mr Robinson commenced full-time employment with Robert Trent Jones in October 1967.

The three years spent in the New Jersey office saw Mr Robinson involved in the numerous projects being built at that time. His personal involvement included such courses as the 36-hole Cerromar part of Dorado Beach in Puerto Rico, the north course at Oakland Hills, Michigan and the Crag Burn Club in Buffalo, New York. During this same period, Mr Robinson travelled extensively throughout the United States visiting most of the well-known courses in America and especially those done by Mr Jones.

Mr Jones´ European work was taking sufficient time by 1970 to warrant the opening of a permanent office, and Mr Robinson arrived in Spain of December of that year for that purpose. During the ensuing seventeen years he appear-headed Mr Jones´ design office and became the director of all the design and construction companies in Europe.

In September of 1987 Mr Robinson left Mr Jones´ office to establish his own design practice. Within two months he had secured projects on the Costa del Sol, Spain, and in the south of France. During the ensuing years he has continued to work throughout Europe and Morocco, areas in which he had accumulated the majority of his practical experience.

Mr Robinson assisted authors Rees Jones and Guy Rando in the writing of the illustrated study “Golf Course Developments” published in America in 1977 by the Urban Land Institute. Subsequently, he was selected by the American Society of Golf Course Architects to work with the American agronomist James Beard in the preparation of the section relating to golf course design and construction in his book “Turf Management for Golf Courses”, published by the United States Golf Association in 1982”

The U.S. monthly Golf Magazine has named Mr Robinson a member of the selection panel for their 100 Greatest Courses in the World.