The Region - Costa del Sol


The Costa del Sol has come to be known as the Costa del Golf in recent years. The traditional things that have benefited the typical tourist over the last four decades have also to some extent caused an increase in the amount of people that come to the Costa del Sol to play golf. The climate and the long hours of sunshine provide a perfect opportunity in which to practice the sport and each year the clubs and courses are visited by an ever increasing number of enthusiasts and professionals. The long hours of sunshine that the Costa del Sol receives has established the region as firm favourite amongst golf aficionados.

The fact that the Costa del Sol receives over three hundred days of sunshine each year is something useful to keep in mind when starting a round of eighteen holes. Fresh Atlantic winds, due to the proximity of the Straits of Gibraltar, mix with the mild Mediterranean winds and help to moderate the temperatures. The climate here is usually defined by the warmth of the air and lack of extreme atmospheric weather. This is due to the fact that the length of the Costa del Sol is sheltered by elevated mountainous regions - the sierras of Mijas, Alpujata and Blanca - which act as a protective screen against the affects of the colder northern winds. Apart from offering such a warm climate, the mountains, slopes and valleys provide a wonderful scenic backdrop to the game, this is especially evident on some of the famous courses in the Valle de Golf near Puerto Banús.

All these factors contributed to the decision to hold various European PGA tournaments in the Costa del Sol. Grounds and facilities are kept in immaculate condition throughout the whole year and are unaffected by the harsh northern continental winter. A club in this area was the first one in Europe to be permitted to hold the Ryder Cup outside of the UK.

Many of the players that have made a memorable contribution to the Ryder Cup are resident professionals in the Costa del Sol and are available to give lessons. Some of the clubs have excellent golf academies, like the well-known Academia de David Leadbetter which is run by professional players.